Working with a Passion


Is where it all started...

Working with people is a passion of mine I have been fortunate enough to acquire a skill such as barbering and cosmetology as well as motivational speaking and vocational education that has driven me to become immersed in my craft.

I have jointly built several award winning hair establishments that have become pillars in the community. Gillaspie Hair Design & Rogue Barbers have both won multiple awards. These successful businesses have been born by ideas created by myself but have been elevated to Enormous success by the participation and passion of myself and my family. I am a self-employed husband and dad as well as a independent state educator working with incarcerated youth. Family and community are very important aspects of my life. As a Oregon Youth Authority educator I have been fortunate to provide Youth a vocational barbering education. With the experience and educational expertise of myself and our team, this opportunity of learning this craft that we teach is now available through our barbering Academy and independently with myself. Through experiencing our level of hands on education and motivational speaking you will open the door to a structured successful career path.