It all started when...

Coming from a background of being incarcerated, addicted to drugs and becoming homeless, finding a way out of this distructive cycle of life became seemingly unreachable. With a complete turnaround however my life has become a pathway worth traveling.

As of today I am enjoying much success in my life. I have been able to jointly create and manage several successful businesses as well as many revenue generating rental properties. Currently I have jointly built several award-winning hair establishments that have become pillars in the community. Gillaspie hair design is a multi award-winning hair salon and Roguebarbers LLC also a multi award-winning barbershop as well. These successful businesses have been born by ideas created by myself but have been elevated to a enormous success by the participation and passion of myself and family I am a successful self-employed husband and dad as well as an independent state educator working with incarcerated youth with the Oregon State Youth Authority. Family and community is very important to me through these life experiences I have learned and I am very excited to pass on the knowledge and motivation to harness lifes challenging circumstances and situations.Being a part of a motivational speaking experience and educational trade platform with my self will help individuals to learn and develop the skill to cultivate and master a path of life that would help in creating steppingstones from the past, and present.